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Our History

Delta Kappa Alpha (DKA) is a cinematic society for students studying film and cinematic arts. It was founded in 1936 at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Today, it has chapters at over 35 universities across the country.

The mission of Delta Kappa Alpha is to foster lifelong character, collaborative and creative storytelling, ethical and productive business practices, philanthropic action, and fraternal bonds by and between students of the cinematic arts.

In addition to providing its members with a supportive community and networking opportunities, DKA also hosts events and screenings, participates in film festivals, and offers professional development programs.

Delta Kappa Alpha has had a significant impact on the film industry, and it continues to play an important role in supporting the next generation of filmmakers.

Our Values

The vision of Delta Kappa Alpha is to be recognized as the premier institute of upstanding entertainment industry leaders. 

The values of DKA include:

  1. Brotherhood: DKA values the power of community and the support of fellow members. Members of DKA are encouraged to form lasting relationships with one another, to share their experiences and knowledge, and to support each other's creative endeavors.

  2. Professionalism: DKA is committed to the highest standards of professionalism in the film industry. Members are encouraged to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on themselves, the fraternity, and the industry.

  3. Creativity: DKA believes that creativity is at the heart of filmmaking. Members are encouraged to embrace their creativity and to find new and innovative ways to tell stories through film.

  4. Diversity: DKA values diversity in all its forms, including diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. The fraternity believes that a diverse membership enhances the creative process and leads to better storytelling.

  5. Service: DKA is committed to serving its members, its community, and the film industry as a whole. Members are encouraged to give back through volunteer work, community service, and other forms of philanthropy.

Our Creed

I believe in Delta Kappa Alpha, its principles, and its traditions. I will be loyal to my college, my chapter, and my Fraternity by keeping strong ties and retaining the spirit of youth. In helping others follow their bliss, I shall ask for no reward, I shall seek no glory. I will put character above wealth and my actions will follow my word. I will preserve the history of Cinema and the heritage of my Fraternity. I say with all sincerity; Delta Kappa Alpha has given me honor and distinction; the bond of our fellowship is reciprocal, I will endeavor to so develop myself and so conduct myself that I will ever be a credit to our Fraternity.

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